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About UniControls-Tramex s.r.o.


UniControls-Tramex s.r.o. is a manufacturer and supplier of electronic systems and equipment, especially in the field of railway transport and industry.

Our company has its own development, manufacturing and service facilities with many years of experience in the field of railway transport. It specializes in applications requiring high reliability in harsh working conditions not only in rail transport. Our company periodically comes to the market with new and modern products that have successfully found their place in the Czech and world marketsIt provides to their customers with access individual according to their needs and provides them technical support at a high level. UniControls-Tramex s.r.o. is a subsidiary of UniControls, a.s. Since 2010 the company has implemented a quality management system according to ČSN EN ISO 9001: 2009.


Main activities of the company UniControls-Tramex s.r.o.:

Railway technology

  • development and manufacture of electronic speedometers for rail vehicles loko 814
  • service activities for electronic speedometers
  • training for working with evaluating SW RE DataPack
  • evaluation of records and cooperation in dealing with emergencies
  • development and manufacture components of mobile information systems for passengers
  • development and production of illuminated signs for rail vehicles
  • development and production of exterior lighting for rail vehicles
  • design, development and manufacture of systems and equipment for modern non-traction and traction rolling stocks



Custom development and production of electronics

  • HW design and development of electronic systems and devicesUniControls-Tramex
  • PCB design, optimization and production
  • SW design and development
  • production of functional prototypes and samples
  • commissioning, testing and burn-in
  • small-batch and mass production
  • design and manufacture of testers
  • installation and assembly of the product
  •  distribution and installation according by your needs



Certificates of UniControls-Tramex s.r.o:

Certifikát ISO 9001:2009 ISO9001_CZ ISO9001_EN




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