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Electronic speedometer RE1xx with event registration

Electronic speedometer of RE1xx series is a modern modular system for rolling stock, which fully replaces all functions of traditional paper-recording tachographs.

Electronic speedometer of RE1xx series is an electronic device designed primarily for measurement, display and record of a rail vehicle speed and mileage. Besides these basic functions it makes it possible to record other binary and analog input signals characterizing the vehicle drive dynamics. The speedometer can control or influence the functions of other rail vehicle equipment by means of binary outputs which can be dependent on time, speed, travel, etc. Via CAN or MVB or RS485 (RS422) serial communication the speedometer can communicate with the board computer or other equipment of the vehicle. The record of own dynamics of the vehicle drive is stored in the solid-state FLASH memory. Alternatively, it is possible to record the data on PCMCIA card or in so called "black box". The recorded data can be easily transmitted to a PC, where it is possible to archive the recorded data, and evaluates the recorded vehicle drive dynamics.

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