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Public Address System


Feature highlights

»  Compliant with UIC 558, UIC 568, IEC 61375

»  Announcements in entire train or addressed to a coach or compartment

»  Private communication between crew members and driver

»  Passenger-initied emergency communication with crew members

»  Audio signal transmission via Ethernet network and/or UIC cable

»  Integration with PIS for automated announcements

»  Automatic gain adjustment according to ambient nosice conditions




Components of the system

»  Vehicle PAS control unit (RUV100)

»  Handset unit (TEL100)

»  Emergency callbox/intercom (HJT100)



»  Power supply voltage:  24 VDC, 48 VDC, 72 - 110 VDC

»  Operatinf temperature:  -40 °C až +70 °C (extended class T3 according EN 50155)

»  Communication interface:  Ethernet





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